Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream that will change your life!

I have a handful of vegans in my life and this recipe has helped me not only by giving me something to make, but it also really impresses the dedicated vegans who have tried their fair share of vegan dessert recipes. Shout-outs to The Minimalist Baker blog, see their website and link for this recipe here!

I changed a few things from their base recipe just to make it a bit easier. For example, I use a full can of coconut milk which is usually closer to 400 mL and then top the rest off with the water. You can also adjust the types of sugar you use. I used plain caster sugar but I also used maple syrup one time and both worked! This ice cream turns out so incredibly rich in chocolate flavour because of the cocoa powder. I also thought their recommendation of 170g of chocolate was too much for me so I cut down on that by almost half. You can add different salts and spices to enhance your chocolate flavour as well. I have also topped this off with chunks of homemade honeycomb which is surprisingly vegan (if you use the right sugar).

Enjoy my vegan Simmerlings! TSP-approved 🙂

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