Part and Parcel

If I could own a restaurant one day, it would be somewhat like Part and Parcel. It’s the perfect mix of casual and new, exciting and adventurous food with an ever-changing menu. I’ve taken quite a few people to dine here and I always know that we are in for a good meal.

When you walk in to Part and Parcel you’ll be struck with a complete open concept and cute furnishings dotting the space. I’m not super advanced with my Instagram but I feel like P&P is very IG-friendly. You make your order up at the front counter and pay, grab your own cutlery and water and find a place to sit. The servers bring the food out to you when it’s ready. I’ve noticed a few other restaurants have taken to this style of service, I still have mixed feelings about it, but this is such a small space that it makes sense.

I really like that menu is written daily (and printed) a la chalkboard, which gives a somewhat humble and approachable vibe. There are some mainstay items like the ras el hanout fries and some variation of gnocchi, or even the kamut fried chicken sandwich. You can find what is on offer each day through their various social media but sometimes I like going and being delightfully surprised with whatever is new and fresh. For someone that doesn’t always eat meat, there are quite a few vegetarian dishes, so no matter who you’re with, they should be able to find something to eat. My favourite part of dining here is that the presentation really is light years ahead of other restaurants in Victoria. From the quaint homemade plates that don’t match with anything, to the colourful sauces and schmears, you really get a sense that the chef’s give a damn about what they’re delivering to the customers. The menu is global (which I personally love) and includes occasional items like chicken hearts or tongue or beef shin, which make for a unique dining experience that you can’t always necessarily have in your home kitchen.

The food has always been well-seasoned and colourful so I will continue to recommend this restaurant whenever people are looking for a fun and casual lunch or dinner.

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