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Here I am! Robert, the man behind the cooking and writing of The Simmering Pot



I truly believe my food is more interesting, but nonetheless, thanks for visiting my ‘About’ section of The Simmering Pot.This blog represents the culmination of many years of learning, frustration, failures, successes and fun whilst doing it all.

I’m not a trained chef, nor do I plan on becoming one. I cook because it’s my passion and I use it as a means of communicating with the loved peoples in my life. I’m tirelessly curious and my senses are heightened to a somewhat annoying state; it seems as though I was destined to share this with others, in a good way of course.

I thank you in advance for supporting my creativity and calorie-crazed rants. My food philosophy is simple: eating is a universal culture and necessity for living on earth; we are connected through our daily rituals of preparing foods, full-stop.

I encourage you to engage with my recipes, by cooking them or improving upon them. I only have a few requests: think about whom you are sharing this food with and be proud of your final flavours, adjusting the seasoning to your own tastes.

For even more background information, please visit my first Blog post, wherein I introduce myself in a different way! Click on the button at the bottom of this page!

Lastly, bon appetit!


The Simmering Pot