Private Dining/Menu

For Clients in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Simmering Pot offers customized private dining for your events and in your homes. This can be a dinner party for you and your friends, prepared meals or event catering. Private cooking classes are also possible.

All breads, pastas, desserts, sauces, stocks are handmade by me, prepared with love and care. My culinary style is comfort food with something extra. I elevate food with flavour and/or presentation to provide a familiar but heightened experience!

Prices are dependent on how many courses you would like and for how many guests.

A typical 3 course menu for four would be $80-100 pp, if you’d like the meal served in your home and cleaned afterwards. If you want the meals prepared and delivered to be heated at your convenience, the price per person would be less.

With my private dining packages, a consultation is included to help best design a menu for your special day or dinner. This will help determine suitable dishes to accommodate dietary preferences, sensitivities and allergies.

I look forward to working with you!


Example menus from previous events:

1) Italian themed anniversary dinner (View dishes here!)


2) Fresh interpretation of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Menu

3) Thai Lunch Menu (View dishes here!)


4) Japanese inspired Birthday dinner (View dishes here!)