Trying something new

Travelling has become a mechanism in my life for reflection, for how I live my life back home in Canada which also includes my relationship with food. Sure, I take pictures of all the touristy buildings and sights, occasionally dishes I ate, even sounds from music or ambient noise. But years after I visit these places, I rarely even look at the photographs or listen to the sounds. I tap into my memories, the experiences that left me with an emotional imprint.

Originally, I was going to share my experiences from each place I visited through the lens of food and photos but it seemed too one-dimensional. I am going to try sharing some of my strongest memories in a creative and descriptive way, doing my best to capture the way they made me feel. These passages may even come across as a hybrid between short stories and poetry, and I’m OK with that.

I find a lot of travel journalism is focused on recommendations for where to eat, stay or things to do. Travel magazines often are littered with advertisements and sponsored suggestions. I hope you enjoy this different take on travel writing, where the only source is from my individual experience.

Thanks my Simmerlings!


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