Maui #TravelFeels January 2019

Warm airport
of Kahului
Greets me with sticky
heavy air
and flowers
in vending machines.

I observe the retro
furnishings and they make me smile
like they haven’t changed
since the 1970s.

This truly is the land of beaches
and sunsets,
like clockwork, the tourists flock
to watch the evening show.

I’m popping macadamia nuts
like candy
and thinking of all the places I want to see
during these 10 days.

One evening,
as I sip on a mélange of tropical fruits
soaked in rum,
the fire flickers in every person’s eyes
mesmerized by the drum beats,
hips and skirts
and bodies shining.

Traditional foods of poi
and ti leaf wrapped meats
cooked the way
it has always been cooked.
Big chunks of tuna
and octopus,
fresh coconut cream
and sweet fruits.

This was the season of the whales
mating and feeding their young,
protected by the bay.
No food in warm waters
but safety,
and breach,
oh, they did breach
so often that we could see them
arching from our sandy outpost.

The fusion of cultures
through history;
The food reflects
everyone who calls this island home.
Ukeleles by the beach,
hearing voices singing with them,
with their families
and always food;
this is how I will remember the aloha life.

Warm days,
walking by shrill sounds of birds
and perfumes of blooms,
turtles basking in the rays.
I grab some creamy shaved ice with
Li Hing Mui powder, haupia and guava
and see how people can easily
come back for annual

I look around at my family,
seeing my nephew playing
and my parents laughing
and I feel full,
and grateful I came here
last minute.
Because the moment of now matters.

My mind remembers the lush
greenery, over-sized everything;
road to Hana
with gargantuan waves
and private waterfalls,
bamboo and rainbow eucalytpus,
volcanic fields.
Chickens roaming everywhere,
a lot of dreadlocks,
a lot of surfing signs,
and lilikoi growing on the side
of the road.
Lizards scurrying by our ground-floor
as we BBQ some goodies
from the local grocery store.

The pride of Hawaii
in their products,
is something I admire.
The people who live there
love and celebrate the bounty,
and you too,
will feel that sense of appreciation
for all the island provides
when you fly away,
the islands becoming smaller
and smaller.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Bobby,
    I love this and you! Thank you!

    A couple of ideas I’ve been encouraged to explore by a coach recently;
    1. The greatest gift we have as human beings is our own wellbeing.
    2. The greatest freedom we have as human beings is letting other people have their own experiences.
    …..And I’m working on claiming my role as creator! Empowering stuff indeed!

    Happy summer vibes to you cousin!


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