Netflix- Street Food

If you haven’t watched the Netflix series “Street Food”, exit this blog post and start watching it immediately!

You will be transported to the streets of Delhi, Cebu, Yogyakarta, Bangkok and many other cities. Don’t get me wrong, the food looked fantastic in the show, but you can only imagine how it tastes. What I really appreciated was how this was filmed and how personal the stories were of the street vendors. Some things the vendors all had in common were tradition, tireless work ethic, a quest for perfection and an unwaivering dedication to only the highest quality of ingredients.

For the first time after watching a show, I felt compelled to write down some quotes that connected with me. I’d like to share them with you. Enjoy the show 🙂

From the Thailand episode:

Jay Fai-

“I am meticulous about every dish I serve. Everything must be flawless. I want it to be the best.”

“The customers saw I had talent. Right then, I began to see my path.”

“I love every dish I cook. I have no preference. You have to love them to cook them properly, down to every little detail.”

From the Osaka episode:


“Don’t be a bull’s tail. Be a chicken’s head.”

“May it be delicious with my whole heart.”

From the Delhi episoode:

“Focus on the taste. Money is not everything. If the taste is good, people will like it and will come back for more.”

“I think a lot about my customers, to serve them only the best.”

“Make people remember your food.”


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