Can we talk about how good this season of Top Chef is?!?!

It’s no secret that I am a MASSIVE fan of this show. I can confidently say that I haven’t missed a season, regular or all-stars, or even the Masters versions of this show. These chefs are no joke. Some of the challenges they throw at them are pure evil….entertainment.

This season brings us to beautiful Colorado (pushes aside hanging smoke), and I must say, I’m learning a lot about the place.

SPOILER ALERT: I may discuss details about episodes you haven’t watched yet so proceed with caution.

There are some great locations, including Aspen, Boulder, Denver and Telluride. Even before this season aired, I was looking into the Food and Wine Classic that takes place in Aspen, Colorado annually, but, pardon my French, it was bloody effing expensive for both the tickets and accommodations. One day, one day, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

Some of the more memorable challenges include: camping out in the snow and watching the chefs get crafty in how they prepare their food against the elements. Some repercussions of this challenge were altitude sickness and overall cast-wide grumpytown and cold feet.

There were block parties, food truck team challenges, a German bierhaus themed service and one of my favourites which was reinventing kids menu items using only mini-tools and cookware *evil laugh*. Some of the bigger elimination services were for 150-200 diners, which as a home cook, seems unattainable in the time frame that they’re given, but alas, they pull through and impress.

Last Chance Kitchen has run parallel like it usually does in the more recent seasons, but the addition of the Veterans/All-Stars (Marcel, Jennifer, Kwame and Lee Anne) amped up the stakes from the jump. I was so glad to see Claudette come back and cook her amazing Mexican food; LCK is making the underdog sexy again!

Every year the food gets better, the judges get tougher and it always leaves me feeling inspired. Check it out on or for the Full Episodes if I didn’t just spoil all of it for you!

This is my second favourite show, my first being Masterchef Australia. Just saying.

Cheers Simmerlings,


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