My restaurant review ethics and declaration…

As some of you may remember, once upon a time I had a restaurant review blog. I contributed to it for a few years, reviewing more than 150 restaurants. It all started because I was new to Victoria and I didn’t know where I could find good places to eat. I linked my posts to the then Urbanspoon and garnered a decent following through my anonymity and honesty.

Fast forward almost a decade later and here I am again, blogging about food. But I feel differently about life, and more so about the food industry in general. I know how difficult having a business in food is, especially a brick and mortar operation; astronomical lease prices, rising food prices, competition, food trends that blow over in a fortnight and challenges in the retention of competent passionate staff.

That being said, my declaration and mission for my new approach is simple: Share my favourite places and celebrate the successes, focusing on positivity. I don’t want to slam places and write them off, but in the end, I probably just won’t say anything about them. If I don’t have something nice to say I just won’t say it. For the restaurants that I do recommend, I’ll still give constructive feedback.

So moving forward, if you see restaurant reviews on my blog, they come with my seal of approval. I do not get paid for this blog, therefore all my opinions are my own, without corporate or sponsored bias. That’s my promise to you, my readers.

I welcome any restaurant suggestions in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and Nanaimo.

Thanks for reading.

The Simmering Pot

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