Highlights of the week!

I was originally just going to talk about what I ate this week in restaurants but I’ll also mention what I cooked/ate for my lunches throughout the week as well.

As far as cooking went, I made some cabbage rolls stuffed with mashed chickpeas and rice and veggies, simmered in a spicy tomato sauce. My partner isn’t eating a lot of meat right now so we try to have veggie breakfasts and lunches at home. Nothing too crazy for breakfast, some oatmeal one day with fruit and nuts and my go-to staple breakfast is some toast with cheeses and peanut butter. I wash it all down with some amazing black tea that I got from Special Teas (Check them out here).

During the week I went to see an anime movie but beforehand I had a bowl of ramen from Foo Ramen Bar. There aren’t many options for ramen in Victoria so usually I just restrain my cravings until I go to Vancouver. But it was a rainy brothy kind of day so I opted for trying a place I hadn’t tried before. I was impressed by the website because they use ethically sourced meat from one of my new favourite butcher shops in town (Click here), definitely check them out on their Facebook! The pork belly was an easy choice. First impressions, presentation was nice and the aroma was quite good. I got it for take-out, but the amount of broth in there was a bit on the low side. The broth that I did get was very flavourful and surprisingly accurate to how I remember certain broths tasting in Japan. The bonito flavour was up-front, which I like, and I find that a lot of ramen shops shy away from the funky bonito dimension, but honestly, it’s one of my favourite aspects of ramen broth. The noodles were a nice texture. The pork was cooked well although I think it was fried. Overall for the price and the quality, I look forward to going back and trying the other types of ramen on their menu.

Foo Ramen Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On Saturday, before seeing some friends for drinks, we had a quick lunch in Esquimalt at Le Petit Dakar. I’ve had food from this restaurant before at their previous location downtown and I was sad to see that it had disappeared. But to my surprise, I saw they had just changed locations and I was excited….and hungry to go back there.

The friendly owner/Chef greeted us when we arrived and took our orders. I had the mafe with chicken and fonio (a quinoa/cous-cous like side-dish) and my partner had the eggplant dish. For an appy, we had the fried black-eye pea fritters with a delectable tomato sauce for dipping. The dough was fresh and had texture almost like cornmeal. Both entrees were superb, home-cooked comfort food. The flavours were well-developed and mouth-watering. The mafe sauce is peanut based and so creamy. The fonio was delicate and the perfect side for soaking up all that amazing sauce. I will definitely come back for another meal! Check out their website for the menu (here  ) !

Stay tuned for my highlights, videos and recipes 🙂


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