Greek meatballs with crispy lemon potatoes

This was straight up delicious.

I was inspired by a pasta dish I made one time with a Greek twist. Instead of grating some fresh parmigiano on top, I had some feta in the fridge and thought Greek. I made a little garnish with goat feta, parsley, kalamata olives, olive oil, lemon zest and leftover herbs from the pasta sauce (oregano, thyme and rosemary). So, instead of pasta, I chose to make some crispy potatoes and meatballs tossed in a zesty tomato sauce.

Here’s the loose recipe. It’s a knock-out for any dinner party!

-mix of ground pork and beef, you could do 50/50
-minced onions
-fresh herbs- oregano, rosemary, thyme and parsley
-salt and pepper
-an egg

-crushed tomatoes
-red bell peppers
-olive oil
– salt and pepper

Crispy Lemon Potatoes
– potatoes cut into rectangles, skins removed depending what type of potatoes you like
-lemon juice
-olive oil

Greek garnish
-parsley, fresh oregano
-lemon zest
-olive oil

1)After mixing all the ingredients together for the meatballs, I browned them in a pan with some olive oil. Then I put them into a baking dish and poured the tomato sauce that I had made beforehand and baked them. I find that putting onions and an egg into any ground meat mixture keeps them moist, so I wasn’t worried about overcooking the meatballs at all.

2) For the potatoes I put them in with the seasoning and tossed them, put them on a baking tray at 400 F. I also wasn’t worried about overcooking these because I like them quite crispy. I cooked them for around 45 minutes, but this can be at your discretion, how soft or crispy you want them.

Please enjoy this meal. It’s a great one for serving family style!

Kalí óreksi! καλή όρεξη


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