Halibut- Part 2: Pan-fried with citrus and butter

This recipe was simplified solely due to the fact that I didn’t want to leave my house.

I had butter, a lemon and a blood orange. So I made it happen.

Originally, I had dreamt of a beautiful green pea sauce. But you know what? You can choose whatever starch or veggie you’d like to accompany this luxurious fish dish!

Pan-fried Halibut with lemon-butter sauce

-1 fillet of Halibut
-salt and pepper
-grapeseed oil

Lemon-butter sauce
– 2 tbsp of melted butter
– 2 tbsp of lemon juice
– salt and pepper to taste
– a couple of dashes of Tabasco or Frank’s

1) Get a pan on med-high heat with some grapeseed oil.

2) Generously season your fillet with salt and pepper

3) Put the fillet skin-side down into the hot pan. Let it crisp up  until you start seeing the flesh turn opaque white. Tip it up to make sure the skin isn’t burning. After just past half-way, flip your fish.

4) Put a knob of butter into the pan and basted your fillet with the foaming butter. You can even maneuver the fish around the pan to get all the edges and corners to come into contact with the hot butter.

5) Once the colour is uniformly golden, remove the fish and let it rest while you whisk your sauce.

6) Slowly warm your butter for the sauce on low-med heat. After completely melted, gently whisk in the fresh lemon juice. Add the salt and pepper to taste, and a few drops (or glugs) of hot sauce for more flavour.

7) Put some sauce on the plate and place the golden halibut on top. I garnished this dish with some lemon segments but I quite like the tartness of bigger pieces of lemon, and a few mezzalunas of blood oranges.

The best way to cook fish is to respect it and not fuss about too much. The sauce is luxurious and decadent. The acidity of the citrus really complements the fish well. Please enjoy! Bon appetit! Sahtein!




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