Food Orders

Welcome to this special Valentine’s event and menu created by Robert and Chris.

Prices include packaging and dessert. Delivery is not included but can be picked up from the commercial kitchen address downtown (Delivery within the Greater Victoria area add $5). The food is fully prepared and just needs to be reheated. Instructions will be included.

Enjoy this unique one-of-a-kind menu on February 14th!

Bitter greens, poached pears, goat cheese, almond and pear vinaigrette

Braised beef and sauerkraut ravioli, smoked creme fraiche, carrot chips, rye caraway crumble, borscht sauce

Turkey wellington, bread pudding, brussel sprouts, parsnips and porcini jus

Strawberry mousse cake

Happy to be supporting local island providers:

Carnivore Meats & More
Ultimate Microgreens
Estrella Pastry
Portofino Bakery

Order form is here: